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Create a Listing

Before You Start

Creating a classifed or auction listing on Hammer World is extremely easy and highly automated. Once you assemble your listing assets and creative elements, the actual list create process is intuitive and straight forward. If you save your listing as a draft before activating you can review your listing as it will look on the auction site.

Creating a classified listing is very similar to creating an auction listing. Please use these create listing instructions as a guide for creating both types of listings.

In addition to this step by step guide you can view the support video on Creating a Listing on Hammer World

To ensure that your listing qualifies for Hammer World make sure that your VIN is in the SC Sage database using the VIN Check app or review the other currently available listing categories. If you believe your VIN should be in the SC Sage database and it is not – please contact us.

Step 1 - Required Assets and Creative

You need these things to create a listing.

  • Title and Subtitle Headlinesmake, model, year etc. and your top selling feature – up to 80 characters per.
  • Description Text and Cloud Image Linkswrite up your story, add the vehicles history and features and insert image hyperlinks wherever possible to support your narrative including MSRP sticker, build sheets, service records etc.
  • Image Suiteup to 20 images that are the sizzle and pop

Step 2 - Ready Your Offline Content

You will need these things done before you log in to Hammer World

  • Create Your Descriptionuse HTML with inserted image hyperlinks. to ensure that your listing description is responsive on all form factors – mobile phones, pads, laptops and desktops use the HTML template, or have your web support or one of our resource providers draft your listing.
  • Assemble Your Imagesorder doesn’t matter you can move them around after they are uploaded to Hammer World
  • Pull Your Autocheck reportlog in to SC Sage and migrate to the Vehicle Page app. enter your member email address and VIN and submit. migrate to the bottom of the page and click on the Experian Autocheck bar. this will generate your report. and the report will be visible to anyone who submits your VIN to the Vehicle Page app – no log in or email address required. a link to the autocheck report will be automatically added to the listing once it is activated. view a video on pulling an Autocheck report.

Step 3 - Log In to Hammer World Migrate to Create Listing

To start the listing create process select your vehicle marque category in the dynamic menu tree. This will define where your vehicle will be displayed and where it can be found by anyone searching by marque. Select the subcategories which fit your lisiting. This will define where your vehicle will be displayed and where it can be found by anyone searching by subcategory.

Select auction as the bidding listing type or classified for fixed price offers. Buy it now is not available for auction listings.

Select the currency for your auction.

Step 4 - Run VIN Check to Populate the Details Form

Enter the vehicle’s VIN in the SC Sage VIN Verification field. Submit to check the VIN in the database. This will pull up a prepopulated form from the SC Sage database that becomes an essential part of the listing page. Most of the form can be edited as required. The current mileage is required.

Step 5 - Create Your Listing Description and Pricing

  • Title and Subtitleadd a title up to 80 characters, a subtitle up to 80 characters.
  • Descriptionselect source to toggle the HTML CK Editor and paste in HTML or build a description using the standard text editor.

  • Starting Bid and Reserve Pricefor auctions enter a starting bid and a reserve price if you want to hold a reserve auction. since the minimum bid size under $25,000 is $5,000 dollars, a minimum starting bid of $25,000 is recommended.
  • Accept Offersyou can optionally select to accept offers from potential buyers. offers are integrated into the Hammer World platform as a means of negotiating a price with prospective buyers.

Step 6 - Add Images and a Video Link

  • Add Imagesselect add images to upload images for the listing. up to 20 images are allowed. move the images into the preferred order after upload. the first image will be the image on the listing thumbnail.
  • YouTube Videoif you would like to feature a video, upload it to youtube and enter the youtube video link. you can also embed video in an HTML description.

Step 7 - Select Premium Options and Schedule the Listing

  • Premium Listing Optionsadditional premium listing options are available. if you would like to add a premium listing option check the box for the option. the options and pricing are as described. charges are assessed at the time of listing activation.

  • Payment Instructions and Invoice Commentsif you have set default payment instructions or invoice comments in My Account in your admin portal you can change them here. note that these settings are meant to be your generic policies. changes made here will reset the default settings which affects all auction listings current and future.
  • Start Date and Timeuse the calendaring function to set your auction start date and optionally the auction start time. leave blank to start immediately upon activation.
  • Durationselect a duration segment. this is how long the auction runs before it ends or relists if there is no hammer.
  • Automatic Relistselect the number of times to relist an auction if there is no hammer. relisting is fully automated. if the field is left empty the auction will not relist. by combining duration and auto relist, auctions can run from as few as one day up to six months. relisting in not available for classifieds. classifieds can be 15, 30, 45 or 60 days in durations.

Step 8 - Save as Draft, Review and Activate

    • Save as Draftselect SAVE DRAFT to review. it is important to save as a draft before activating in order to review your listing.

    • Review and Edit Listingclick on the listing image to view the listing. select edit to edit if required.

      • Activate to Push LiveWhen you are satisfied with your listing select ACTIVATE LISTING.

Ready To Get Started?