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Create Wanted Listing

Before You Start

Creating a Wanted listing on Hammer Sold is extremely easy and highly automated. Once you assemble your listing assets and creative elements, the actual list create process is intuitive and straight forward. If you save your listing as a draft before activating you can review your listing as it will look on the auction site.

In addition to this step by step guide you can view the support video on Creating a Wanted Listing on Hammer World

Step 1 - Required Assets and Creative

You need these things to create a Wanted listing.

  • Vehicle DetailsWhen creating a Wanted listing the placeholder VIN does not prepopulate the details form. You must enter the year range, marque, model, submodel(s), body(ies), transmission, exterior color palette, interior color palette and mileage range for the vehicle sought. For Wanted listings, vehicles are not restricted to vehicle types in the Hammer World categories list.
  • Title and Subtitle Headlinesenter any text content designed to attract interest – up to 80 characters per.
  • Description Textenter your solicitation to attract prospective sellers to your purchase offer.

Step 2 - Log In to Hammer World Migrate to Create Listing

To start the listing create process select the Wanted category and the marque in the dynamic menu tree. This will define where your request will be displayed and where it can be found by search.

Auction is preselected as it is the only available listing type, although it is not used for wanted listings.

The currency selector is not applicable for Wanted listings. Leave the entry on the default US Dollar.

Step 3 - Run VIN Check to Populate the Details Form

Use the placeholder VIN ‘00000000000000000’ – 17 zeros – in place of a specific VIN. Enter the placeholder VIN in the SC Sage VIN Verification field. Submit to check the VIN in the database. The VIN will load with no data. Edit each of the details fields using the parameters of your search using alpha numeric strings,

Step 4 - Create Your Listing Description

  • Title and Subtitleadd a title up to 80 characters, a subtitle up to 80 characters.
  • Descriptionselect source to toggle the HTML CK Editor and paste in HTML or build a description using the standard text editor.
  • Starting Bid and Reserve Pricealthough not displayed in the Wanted listing, starting bid is a required field. enter the number 1 to complete this required field. do not enter a reserve price.
  • Accept Offersdo not select to accept offers. dialogue related to responding to Wanted listings should be conducted using Hammer World’s built in standard messaging platform.

Step 5 - Add an Image and Select Premium Options

  • Premium Listing Optionsadditional premium listing options are available. if you would like to add a premium listing option check the box for the option. the options and pricing are as described. charges are assessed at the time of listing activation.

Step 6 - Schedule the Listing

  • Start Date and Timeuse the calendaring function to set your listing start date. leave blank to start immediately upon activation.
  • Durationselect a duration segment. this is how long the auction runs before it ends or relists if there is no hammer.
  • Automatic Relistselect the number of times to relist the auction if there is no hammer. relisting is fully automated. if the field is left empty the auction will not relist. by combining duration and auto relist, auctions can run from as few as one day up to six months.

Step 7 - Save as Draft, Review and Activate

  • Save as Draftselect SAVE DRAFT to review. it is important to save as a draft before activating in order to review your listing.
  • Review and Edit Listingclick on the listing image to view the listing. select edit to edit if required.

  • Activate to Push LiveWhen you are satisfied with your listing select ACTIVATE LISTING and get ready to receive vehicle offers!

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