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Our services were developed out of years of frustration at the lack of market data when buying and selling for, and consulting to, some of the world’s largest collections of rare high value marques. We identified that there were no complete, honest and truly independent sources of information about the size and scope of the markets for, and the specific vehicles produced by, the top high volume supercar marques – Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche. So we created SC Sage.

Marques and Models

Having started with Porsche, we have expanded to a total of 4 marques, 37 model series and 100 submodels, Further division is by body type and transmission. Current database totals can be found using the Count App.

Comparable Services

There are no comparable services to SC Sage. Our combination of VINs, proprietary data gathering methodologies and data parsing techniques, vehicle marketing solutions and independence from all ad platforms, insurance companies and auction houses does not exist elsewhere. We maintain more market data than the manufacturers of the marques we cover and we are the only single source exclusively focused on those marques.

These disclaimers by Kelley Blue Book and the NADA guide sum it up best for all resources other than SC Sage:

Kelley Blue Book does not currently offer certain values for these exotics or low-volume vehicles since they are seldom seen in the market and can vary widely in value‘.

The NADA guide’s value is an attempt to value the daily-driven vehicle, not the quasi-collectible you possess.’

Experian Autocheck

SC Sage has had a long-standing agreement with Experian to provide Autocheck reports on vehicles in its database at no charge. Further, we have authority to modify report aesthetics to fit our display theme. Autocheck reports can be requested for vehicles in the database using the contact form.

Vehicle Sales

Although our parent company Small Footprint Media is a licensed auto broker in the State of Nevada we do not currently engage in vehicle transactions.


Proprietary Solutions

We do not use third party data sources, analytics or software. We do use third parties for front end platform, data storage, network services, media publishing and some highly specialized processing. We are 100% self-developed and 100% self-contained.


Our proprietary spider is a sophisticated software application which acquires data using a highly advanced proprietary crawling technology designed for large scale web harvesting in compliance with robots exclusion protocols. It is the only ‘intelligent’ spider in the exotic autos space. Intelligent means that it does not blindly collect data and throw it into buckets without analyzing the data’s relevance or accuracy – blind data collection is the methodology employed by all large scale data amalgamators which is the reason sources such as KBB and NADA do not support the high value marques which we cover. Our spider only collects data for VINs in our database or VINs which we it can intelligently parse and add to the database. Data is collected daily.


Our proprietary applications provide windows into the data, analytics and other content related to specific vehicles and their model, sub model and body comps. Existing applications are under continual development to improve their depth and scope. New applications are continuously being developed to capitalize on our data and analytics.


Our data, updated daily, is 100% cleansed prior to use making it the most accurate and current available. In addition we are the only processor who collects and retains detailed, VIN specific, historical market data including images.


The analytics we provide are based upon a combination of manufacturer supplied and real market data. Using the data available for a given marque we produce the most accurate and current (updated daily) analytics available. Analytics vary by marque and model.


We generate daily reports available online and via daily email updates. Our reports provide valuable data and analytics on specific vehicles as they enter the market and provide direct links to the data repositories for each vehicle being reported upon.



Registered users of SC Sage range from casual enthusiasts to high volume dealers. Unlike many other sources, our services are not filtered, metered or discriminatory. Consumers have access to the same services, and at the same pricing, as is offered to dealers.


Our pricing varies by the scope of the data, analytics and other content being provided. We are continuously expanding the services offered at each level without increasing cost. We do not limit access to vehicles by service levels, all users have access at their service level, to every vehicle in our database.

Enthusiasts, Influencers, Market Experts, Bloggers, and Journalists

From build counts to market values users access our data to increase their understanding of vehicles they own, models under consideration for purchase or marques to be covered in the media. Use of our data and analytics in forums, social media and other media is not prohibited but attribution is required under our Terms of Use.

Private Buyers and Sellers

We level the playing field for consumers without breaking the bank, saving market transactors the dozens of hours it would take to gain even a fraction of an understanding of the market for a specific model or submodel let alone a specific vehicle. The money saved using SC Sage can only be measured by the utility cost of not using SC Sage.

Valuation Estimators

Professional valuation estimators requiring proof of market values use SC Sage to establish real market numbers. SC Sage allows screen grabs which are forwarded to insurers and market transactors as part of the valuation package.

Collectors and Live Auction Participants

Auction participants understand that lot estimates are notoriously incorrect and often inflated over true market values. SC Sage provides real market price checking to guide smart money bidders. Auction houses also use SC Sage to try to set realistic opening bid requests as well as to set seller expectations prior to contracting.

Brokers and Traders

Intermediaries operating on razor thin commissions need to know at all times where the market is and where it is going. SC Sage is the only resource for daily updated market values and direction.

Franchise and Independent Dealers

Although they, particularly franchise operators, typically have access to more resources than most, dealers do not have access to the depth or scope of information available through SC Sage, other than through SC Sage. Smart dealers realize that having every market edge is necessary when transacting in high value vehicles where the money is won or lost in 30 to 45 day cash cycles. Taking trades requires real daily data, and consignments that are not correctly priced make the showroom floor look weak.

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