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Hammer World FAQ

Platform Basics

What is Hammer World?

Hammer World is a membership based online classified auction platform for buyers and sellers of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsches around the world. Hammer World is high integrity, self-managed, and is focused on low cost, maximum flexibility and member qualification. Hammer World provides buyers and sellers of the world’s finest marques a superior online experience uncluttered by non-vehicle offerings and unsolicited third party interference. Anonymous profiles combined with fully transparent communication is a hallmark of the platform as is low cost.

How Do I Access Hammer World Registration Requirements?

Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Pro members of SC Sage are authorized to register for Hammer World access. There is no registration fee. However, you must register using your SC Sage member email address. On registration and log in your Hammer World email address is compared to your SC Sage email address to authenticate your admission. If the email addresses do not match you will not be able to register or log in.

If you downgrade your SC Sage membership level from Premium, Premium Plus or Premium Pro you will lose access to your Hammer World account. To regain access to the account requires upgrading to Premium, Premium Plus or Premium Pro. When upgrading to access a previously registered Hammer World account there is no need to reregister with Hammer World.


When registering for SC Sage members agree to to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Hammer World platform. To review the terms and conditions for Hammer World refer to the SMALL FOOTPRINT MEDIA LLC TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT.

Can I List Vehicles Directly?

The Hammer World auction platform is fully supported by SC Sage but is 100% self-service. Members have full control over their listings and are responsible for all content contained in their auctions, with full access to the SC Sage database to support their auction descriptive and pricing. Buyers and sellers have full access to the SC Sage database to evaluate each vehicle and its market.

Do I Need to Communicate With Buyers Through Hammer World?

Hammer World is 100% transparent. Members are encouraged to communicate about vehicles directly on or off line. As a member only platform only members can communicate or comment directly on the platform. Third party discussion regarding auctions is encouraged using our Text Direct SMS system or through Twitter using our Proprietary Hashtag solution.

What Does Hammer World Cost?

Hammer World registration is free. Classified Ad and Auction listings are free and there are zero commissions on sales. All listings include many high value free marketing services. Everything else is low cost! Our current listing and add on service fees can be view on the Hammer World add on services page.

What are Your Auction Commissions?

There are no commissions, concessions or final value fees for successful auctions.There are no bidding or listing fees for auctions.

What Are Your Platform Listing Rules?

SC Sage Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Pro members can list an unlimited number vehicles concurrently and maintain their listings, subject to duration limits, for as long as they maintain an active membership in SC Sage at the required membership level. Scheduled auctions, active auctions and any scheduled auction relistings do not expire when a member downgrades their SC Sage membership from Premium, Premium Plus or Premium Pro. However, access to the Hammer World platform is forfeited and no changes can be made. To make changes after a downgrade upgrading to Premium, Premium Plus or Premium Pro is required in order to regain access.

Hammer World features true auction pricing with reserve and make an offer. Buy it now is a non-auction classified ad equivalent and therefore is not supported. For no reserve auctions the Reserve Price field must be left empty. For reserve auctions the reserve price must exceed the starting bid.

Listing start date and time is fully customizable using the date scheduler. There is no limit on the start date delay. Start delays survive downgrades of SC Sage membership from Premium Plus or Premium Pro. If you save your listing as a draft be sure to update the listing start date and time before activating.

All listings of North American VINs in the SC Sage database can have auto generated links to the current Experian AutoCheck report for the VIN listed. AutoCheck reports are displayed on a special page on the SC Sage website, no log in required. To enable the Autocheck report for viewing, log in to your SC Sage account and navigate to the Vehicle Page App. Enter your SC Sage email address and the VIN and submit search to generate the vehicle page. At the bottom of the vehicle page click the Autocheck report banner to generate a report in a new window.

Text Direct is automatically added to each listing. To take advantage of Text Direct you must authorize our Google email agent to forward inbound text messages to you. If you have not this permission or have any questions about this service please contact us.

What Are Your Auction Bidding Rules?

Hammer World features true auction pricing with reserve and make an offer. While the starting bid may be set at any number by the seller, the platform wide minimum opening bid is fixed at $5,000 with $5,000 bid increments up to $25,000, $250 bid increments up to $100,000, $500 bid increments up to $250,000 and $1,000 bid increments thereafter.

The minimum opening bid and minimum bid increments do not apply to Global auction listings.

Proxy bids allow buyers to set a maximum bid price and to have their bid automatically increase when counter bids are made, up to their maximum bid.

Instant bidding allows for a bid to be automatically entered which is the minimum bid increment at the current price level.

Winning bids placed within 5 minutes of an auction end automatically extends the bidding by an additional 5 minutes. This provides time for member notification that a previously winning bid has been surpassed.

What Happens if an Auction Ends With a Winning Bidder?

By making a bid, buyers are making an offer to purchase a vehicle at the bid price, which if accepted, forms a binding contract to purchase the vehicle between the buyer and the seller. If an auction ends with a buyer meeting or exceeding the seller’s price and the bids of all other buyers, the buyer is considered to have won the auction. The winning buyer is expected to close their purchase transaction in coordination with the seller. If an auction winning buyer does not close the transaction by paying for a vehicle within the time frame required bv the seller, the seller has the right to rescind the transaction with no further obligation to, and without recourse from, the buyer.

Hammer World does not monitor nor process transactions. After the auction ends sellers and buyers are expected to cooperate fully to close the transaction and to arrange delivery of the vehicle. The platform operates on an honor system which if violated can result in the permanent removal of a member’s access to the platform. Members are encouraged to contact SC Sage regarding any issues of concern regarding an auction or transaction.

Small Footprint Media LLC makes no warranty as to the vehicles sold through the Hammer World platform or the specific performance of any member. Small Footprint Media LLC performs no due diligence on listed vehicles, their condition or ownership. Members are prequalified for access to the platform only, personal histories are not investigated. Small Footprint Media LLC, its owners, employees and agents are not liable for any defects in any vehicle or any member non-performance, for any reason, whatsoever, and members hold the same harmless from and against any and all claims, liability and damages with respect to any defect in any vehicle listed for auction on the Hammer World platform or any non-performance by any member.