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Create Listing Preparation

Why it Matters

Advance preparation of some of the listing assets you will require for Hammer SOLD! will save you time and effort when creating a new auction listing.

By taking a few simple prearation steps your listing will take advantage of all that Hammer SOLD! has to offer and will attract more viewers and bidders.

Below are the key items that you will want to prepare in advance. We also suggest that review the compendium of listing parameters.

Step 1 - Know Your Auction Listing Category

Hammer SOLD! offers three primary auction categories, each with a different intended purpose and audience.

Standard Auction – North America – US Dollar

Global Auction – Rest of World – Multiple Currencies

  • Vehicles located outside of North America
  • Listings in multiple available currencies
  • Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche marques

Wanted Listing – Global Reach – No Currency

  • Wanted from any location in the world
  • Not listed by location or currency
  • Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche marques

Step 2 - Generate the Experian Autocheck Report

Free Autocheck reports can be generated from the Vehicle Page app. Go to the Vehicle Page app and submit the SC Sage member email address and the VIN to generate the page. Migrate to the bottom of the page and click on the Autocheck button to generate the report.

Once the report is generated anyone can access the report by simply visiting the Vehicle App page and submitting the VIN.

When the auction listing is activated a View Autocheck Report text link is automatically generated. Clicking the link opens the VIN in the Vehicle App page complete with Autocheck report.

Step 3 - Craft Your Auction Description

Create your auction description as text and images or as HTML using the WYSIWYG editor.

When using HTML make sure your code is responsive on all form factors – mobile phones, pads, laptops and desktops. We suggest using some form of the provided default template or have your web support or one of our resource providers draft your listing.

For HTML save the images to be used for your description to the cloud and record their URL links or use previously published URL links.

Step 4 - Assemble Your Images

Assemble up to 20 images to upload for the listing. Images shold be no larger than 800 pixels wide and less than 200KB. Images can be uploaded in any order and resorted during the create listing process. The first image in the resorted order will be the listing thumbnail.

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