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SuperCar Forum Classfied Ads

What It Is

  • Hammer World (previously listings can be posted to the Motorsport Network’s Ferrari Chat and Lamborghini Chat.
  • These properties combined touch 200,000+ global subscribers whose specific interest is Supercars and more.
  • Our Motorsport Network ads are also promoted through Hammer World’s Google program for organic SEO purposes.
  • Our Motorsport Network ads live forever on the internet so that VIN searches – even for long expired listings – result in top ten organic results providing ‘forever’ store brand exposure.
  • Our embedded proprietary Text Direct lead generation service does not end with the listing. It continues for expired listings on the web.
  • Hammer World ads are unique on these properties as compared to other classified ads as they are posted using custom code blocks. This makes them substantially more visible and more effective.
  • See our current listing categories.
  • View a sample Motorsport Network classified ad.


Text Direct Lead Generator

What It Is

  • Text Direct is a lead generation service which connects prospective buyers directly with Hammer World sellers in real-time.
  • Because Hammer World listing promotions live forever on the internet the lead generation benefit never goes away.
  • This is accomplished using Hammer World’s built in functionality for private SMS communication between anyone, anywhere in the world, and Hammer World members.
  • Incoming messages are confidentially routed to the listing member – the member decides if and when to respond to messages – their personal contact information is never disclosed.
  • Members must opt-in one-time to Text Direct to receive messages related to their listings – after that everything is fully automated.
  • Text Direct is automatically added at each new listing activation with unique Hammer World Listing ID used as the Text Direct keyword – which must be included in the SMS message for routing.
  • The Text Direct keyword and Hammer World’s SMS number is published throughout Hammer World’s marketing channels.


Proprietary # Hashtag System

What It Is

  • Hammer World generates a custom hashtag for each listing to allow for locating and communicating listings across multiple platforms, including Motorsport Network and social media.
  • The hashtag structure is #HSxxxxxx where xxxxxx is the unique listing (auction) ID on Hammer World.
  • Hammer World publishes the unique hashtag for each listing throughout its marketing and promotion channels.
  • Unique hashtags allow users to easily find, follow and engage in Twitter discussion threads and to find listings on the Motorsport Network chat sites.


  • Hammer World utilizes Twitter for listing promotion and as a discussion platform outside of its log in wall.
  • Each new listing is automatically posted to Twitter using proprietary Hammer World hashtags along with search optimized hashtagged keywords.
  • In this way Twitter is used to reach the widest possible audience worldwide, rather than being focused on followers (similar to our VIN program on Google – see below).
  • Throughout its marketing channels Hammer World pushes traffic to Twitter using its hastag system to in order to promote views, dialogue and retweets.
  • On SC Sage the Twitter Hashtag Locator app for Hammer World generates a Twitter page of all tweets using a specific listing’s unique hashtag.


Other Marketing Components

Google VIN Based SEO

  • When a listing is activated multiple posts are made to Motorsport Network properties and to social media, predominantly Twitter.
  • The page links (URL) for these posts are proactively submitted to Google for search indexing by Google bots.
  • A Google VIN search then typically ranks in top ten search results.
  • A Google search by the VIN is the most common method used to find information on a vehicle of interest.
  • And the links live forever on the internet tied to the listing member.

Email Marketing

  • SC Sage sends from 3,000 to 20,000 emails per day to its internal select lists of opt-in global supercar enthusiasts.
  • These emails contain the latest linked Twitter posts for Hammer World in a threaded format.
  • Sign up for our email lists.

Social Media Influencers

  • Hammer World has entered into, and will continue to enter into, agreements with social media influencers on Twitter and Instagram to promote the platform.
  • Influencers can grab images and content from listings to republish to their followers and can retweet Twitter posts.

Member Cross Promotion

  • Members are strongly encouraged to promote their listings to their audiences and on social media platforms. This promotion creates cross promotion traffic for other listings.

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