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How it Works

We don’t buy or sell cars on our platform. It’s members only. We don’t set your price – you do. Auction listing is free. Classified listing is at a nominal cost. We offer the most flexible listing scheduling bar none. Join Hammer World and in a few minutes you can be listing, bidding and winning!

Play the Video!
Play the Video!

Create a Listing

Creating an auction or classified listing in Hammer World is extremely simple and highly automated. Pre-assemble content and images. Select auction (always free) or classified listing type. Pick a category. Checkbox premium add ons. Then activate the listing to promote your vehicle and store brand.

Get an Autocheck Report

It only takes a second to pull an Experian Autocheck report through the Vehicle Page App. Once it’s pulled anyone can view it from a direct link in Hammer World listings.

Play the Video!

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