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How it Works

We don’t buy or sell cars. It’s members only. We don’t set your price – you do. Auction listing is free. Classified listing is at a nominal cost. We offer the most flexible listing scheduling bar none. Joining Hammer World is a simple 3 step process. In a few minutes you can be listing, bidding, winning and selling! Sell your car or find your deal – it’s all SuperCar – all the time.

Play the Video!
Play the Video!

SC Sage & Hammer World Platform Integration

Watch this video to learn how the SC Sage database is integrated with the Hammer World platform. And get a small sample of how just how comprehensive the SC Sage tool kit is and why you need it.

Create Listing

Creating a listing on Hammer Sold is extremely easy and highly automated. The process is intuitive and straight forward. In addition to this step by step video guide you can view the support page on Creating a Listing on Hammer World

Play the Video!
Play the Video!

Get an Autocheck Report

It only takes a second to pull an Experian Autocheck report through the Vehicle Page App. Once it’s pulled anyone can view it. Learn how.

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