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How it Works – Hammer World

The Big Picture

Hammer World is a membership based classified auction platform for buyers and sellers of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsches worldwide.

We don’t buy or sell cars. It’s members only! We don’t set your price – you do. You can list a vehicle for up to six months. Auction listing is free. Classified listing is only $25. And we offer the most flexible auction scheduling bar none. Read our FAQ’s

That’s right – on Hammer World auction listing is free, auction bidding is free, and no matter the final  auction value there is only one low fixed fee shared 50/50 by buyer and seller. No final fee for classifieds.

Joining Hammer World is a simple 3 step process. In a few minutes you can be listing, bidding and winning! Sell your car or find your deal – it’s all SuperCar – all the time.

Step 1 - Become an SC Sage Member

Hammer World is for members of SC Sage. And members of SC Sage at different levels have different privileges on Hammer World

Pick your level and upgrade or downgrade at any time:

  • View the auctions anytime – Basic
  • Bid to win on auctions – Premium
  • List as many vehicles as you want (and bid) – Premium Plus
  • Premium Plus at a big discount – Premium Pro

Step 2 - Register for Hammer World

A one-time registration fee of $35 USD is good for lifetime authorization on Hammer World Even if you downgrade your SC Sage membership to Free Basic and then later upgrade to get back on Hammer World you will never pay this again. The fee is used for third party validation – everyone on Hammer World is authenticated.

Step 3 - Bid, List, Negotiate, Communicate – there are no restrictions on Hammer World

Free Autocheck reports, automated listing features, comprehensive vehicle marketing and secure transaction management through are just a few of the value added benefits of the Hammer World platform. We provide high value services at an honest price.

We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate freely. Your identity is anonymous and confidential and is only disclosed if you choose to do so. We trust members to operate on an honor system.

Only if an auction closes on Hammer World is there a final value fee. $250 USD per party no matter the hammer price! You can’t buy or sell a SuperCar at auction for any less, any where, any time. Our subscription based membership values that!

Any questions – contact us – we are happy to help you get started!

Ready To Get Started?