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Listing Management Assistant – Hammer World


How it Works

The Hammer World Listing Management Assistant is a service designed to assist selling members who desire help in creating or managing listings. Processing and management of listings is completed by third party service providers who set their own service offerings and fee rates. SC Sage acts as the submission platform and billing agent for these third party service providers. Fees are assessed per listing submitted for the services at the rates defined by the service provider as set forth on their custom Listing Management Assistant page. A monthly fee may also be assessed to maintain access to the service.

Working with a simple form multiple listings can be submitted for processing (up to five listings per form). Charges to create or manage listings are assessed by SC Sage on behalf of the service provider at the time of form submission.

To use the Listing Management Assistant service follow the link provided by your service provider to their custom page, Complete the form and submit it. The form is automatically submitted to the service provider. If you need a referral to a Listing Management Assistant service provider please contact us.


  • You must be an active Premium Plus or Premium Pro SC Sage member to access any Listing Management Assistant page.
  • You must have a service provider’s custom link to reach their custom Listing Management Assistant page.
  • To use the SC Sage internal Listing Management Assistant service visit this page.


  • You must share your Hammer World log in credentials with the service provider. This can be securely accomplished using the One Time Secret function located in the submission form.
  • Your credit card information is not visible to the service provider.
  • At this time only listings with a minimum duration of 10 days are eligible for Motor Sport Network classified ad posting.
  • HTML coding can be used in listings if HTML code is submitted as the description. Check with your service provider for more on this.
  • It is highly suggested that you pull an Autocheck report for Standard listings prior to submitting the Listing Management Assistant form. Read how to pull an Autocheck report here.


  • All billing is in US Dollars.
  • Disputes involving fees charged by SC Sage on behalf of service providers must be resolved with the service provider directly.
  • All refunds of fees must be authorized by the service provider.
  • We do not arbitrate disputes with service providers. However, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any services provided or any service provider.

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