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Listing Management Assistant – SAMPLE


Hammer World In House - SAMPLE

Services Provided

  • We provide listing related services only.
  • We do not provide other services.


  • We charge $1 per listing.
  • We do not offer discounts for multiple listings.


  • This is a SAMPLE LMA service request page – do not submit for payment – if submitted for payment a refund will not be made.
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We may need to access your Hammer World account to process or manage your listings which requires sharing your Hammer World log in password. This is best accomplished by creating a One Time Secret link to your password. This link can only be accessed one time by us after which it is automatically deleted. Enter your password in the One Time Secret create form, create the link, then copy and paste the link into the One Time Secret Link form field below. If you choose not to use the One Time Secret function you will need to communicate your password to us using alternate means.

Enter the One TIme Secret link to your Hammer World password.
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