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Listing Management Assistant – Service Provider Guidelines


Service Provider Guidelines - as of February 1, 2022

How it Works

  • Service Providers define a set of fixed services related to their customer’s use of the Hammer World platform.
  • The intended service offering and pricing are set up in SC Sage.
  • Service Providers are then provided a proprietary service request page on SC Sage to distribute to their customers.
  • Their customers request and pay for the services through SC Sage.
  • SC Sage fowards the service request to the Service Provider.
  • Service Providers are responsible for fulfilling 100% of the services.
  • Once the services contracted for are 100% fulifilled SC Sage pays 75% of the gross service charges received to the Service Provider.

Services Requirements

  • Services must be directly related to Hammer World
  • The service offering must be a fixed set of performances.
  • Services must be per vehicle listing and tied to a specific vehicle.
  • Umbrella and commission services are not allowed.
  • Service Provider’s customers must be paid members of SC Sage.


  • Pricing must be per vehicle listing.
  • The minimum charge for one vehicle listing must be $49 USD.
  • The pricing for multiple concurrent service purchases may be discounted if made with the submission of one service request form (up to five vehicles/listings per form).


  • Service Providers should first be added as Affiliate Partners which includes SC Sage Premium membership at no charge. Contact us if you have not been added as an Affiliate Partner.
  • Service Providers must be active Premium or higher SC Sage members. Hammer World registration is not required.
  • Service Providers agree to keep their customer’s private information confidential including their Hammer World log in credentials.
  • Service Providers are 100% responsible for chargebacks by, and refunds to,  their customers.

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