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Marketing Programs – Hammer World


Hammer World markets auction listings using an ever expanding list of resources. Most of its marketing is fully automated and is an integral part of the auction event process. The extent of the marketing activity for a specific auction depends upon a combination of its duration, its event activity and the membership level of the auctionor.

Auctions 10 Days and Shorter

Auction activations and bid events are automatically posted to the @hammersold profile Twitter feed. Our Twitter feed is retweeted by social media partners to their followers.

On a daily basis the @hammersold profile Twitter feed is distributed to Hammer World’s auction update email list.

The @hammersold profile Twitter feed is also embedded in all emails sent by SC Sage to its email lists including all news updates.

Hammer World offers special promo codes to discount standard membership pricing for bidding and Wanted listing responses.

Auctions 15 Days and Longer

In addition to the programs for auctions with a duration of 10 days or shorter, Hammer World provides the following marketing elements on auctions with durations of 15 days or longer.

The following vary depending upon the exact duration and the membership level of the auctionor.

  • Creation of a custom Twitter timeline for the auction listing under the @hammersold profile
    • tracks all Twitter posts using the auction ID (#auctionid)
    • retweet access for auctionor’s twitter feed
    • custom timeline promotion through social media partners
  • Classified ads on Xchat (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren Chat)
    • daily auction listing image updates
    • daily custom Twitter timeline updates
    • periodic additional follow up post

Flash Sale Auctions

Flash Sale auctions are 1 day in duration. Flash Sales require advance notice and are conducted under the following parameters.

  • requires a minimum 10 day’s notice
  • auction listing must be scheduled and activated at time of notice
  • auction listing will be posted to Xchat classified ads
  • free bidder registration code for Premium SC Sage membership
  • free bidder registration code activated day before listing start date
  • free bidder registration code good for 72 hour access (Hammer World one-time registration fee applies to any first time users)

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