SuperCar Sage

SC Sage Affiliate Program

Please contact us so that we can discuss our current program with you.

Who the affiliate program for?

You are a provider of physical or information services related to SuperCars. Or you are a SuperCar influencer with a substantial following on social media, a blog or a podcast. You want to get paid for promoting SC Sage and its services.

How does it work?

  • We approve your affiliate status and assign you a unique affiliate tracking code.
  • You market, advertise or even just mention our services and your affiliate code, referring your audience to our site for membership registration.
  • Your code offers SC Sage membership at a 20% discount.
  • When a members registers using your code we track qualified member sales to you.
  • On a monthly basis we pay you a percentage of the revenue received from your affiliated members – for as long as you remain a paid member of SC Sage.

What are the services/prices commissions are paid on?

  • Membership Fees – General Service
    • Market update – $7
    • Premium – regular $39 month w/ affiliate code $29
    • Premium Plus – regular $99 month w/ affiliate code $79
    • Premium Pro – regular $229 quarter w/ affiliate code $199
  • Hammer World – General Service
    • Listing assistant – $49 per listing
  • Vehicle locator – Special Service
    • $2500 per VIN (if located)
  • 2nd Hammer – Special Service
    • $150 non-refundable start up fee
    • $2,350 success fee (if closed)
    • 3% transaction fee (if closed)
  • Worlds Collections – Special Service
    • 3% transaction fee (if closed)

What are the commissions?

  • 25% commission paid on general services.
    • Monthly membership fees
    • Hammer World listing assistant fees
  • 10% commission paid on special services
    • Vehicle locator service fees
    • 2nd Hammer start up fees
    • 2nd Hammer purchase success fees
    • Worlds Collections transaction fees

How do I start?

  • Join as a member of SC sage at any paid level. Your SC Sage username will be your unique affiliate code. View registration options here.
  • Contact us to request affiliate status. Provide some basic information and tell us how you will market our services.
  • We add you as an affiliate and create your unique code.
  • We send you a welcome email with your unique affiliate code and everything you need to get started.

Ready To Get Started?