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Support Services

Hammer World has developed a network of resources to assist members in listing, bidding and transaction fulfillment. While the depth and breadth of the services offered by each of these providers may vary, each has demonstrated expertise in the services offered. These resources are fully independent of Hammer World and set their own services and prices. Please contact them directly for the help you need or contact us if you have any questions.

Should You Be Listed Here?

  • What Service Do You Specialize In?
    • Our primary goal is add highly qualified specialists who can support Hammer World members in their auction quest.
    • All services you provide will be directly contracted with Hammer World members on mutually agreed upon terms.
    • If you believe your commercial services can assist Hammer World members please contact us.
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Listing Preparation


What your listing says and how it is presented matter the most for effective auctioning. Whether you need ad copy and creative, html custom programming or image and video support, a professional listing product can mean the difference between a hammer and a no hammer, at the price you deserve.

Inspection and Valuation Assessment


Understanding the condition of a vehicle, and its fair price, is essential at auction, whether you are listing or bidding. SC Sage provides a wide range of real market valuation data, vehicle histories and even free Autocheck reports, as well as other resources. But nothing surpasses a highly qualified pre purchase inspection and a drilled down market valuation. Not knowing what you don’t know, and how to know it, can cost real money.

Transaction Management


Sometimes closing the transaction and getting the proper paperwork done is both daunting and time consuming. Financing, title inspection, purchase agreements, warranty transfer, money escrow, are all services requiring know how developed only after handling many dozens of transactions. For any given aspect of the post auction hammer, if the comfort is not there, it can be acquired.

Global Race Car Transactions - Knight International

  • Global Race and Hyper Car Transaction Management
    • 40 years experience .
    • One of the largest and most successful hypercar brokerage firms.
    • Specialist in race car transaction management.
    • Contact us for assistance with race car transactions worldwide.



Whether it be purchase or lease financing or payment protection for buyers and sellers, a third party provider can provide the convenience and comfort required to close the transaction.

  • Safely Buy or Sell
    • Financial and legal agreement designed to protect buyers and sellers in a transaction.
    • Seller only receives funds when the buyer has received and accepted the vehicle.
    • Seller knows they will receive payment because is holding the funds on their behalf.
    • Special pricing for Hammer World – $150 + 0.05% (.005) on transactions over $25,000.

Shipping Logistics and insurance


Safely getting a purchase home with peace of mind requires professional handling. Every transaction will ulitmately require insured, high quality, delivery of the vehicle into your hands. This is not do it yourself.