SuperCar Sage

2nd Hammer Service

How it Works

SC Sage allows its paid members to request fee based vehicle purchase assistance for any vehicle – whether or not it has been to auction. Learn more at the 2nd Hammer website.

We use our proprietary Vehicle Locator service to identify the current owner. We then solicit a possible purchase and manage any subsequent transaction..

2nd Hammer purchase services are only available to active Premium Plus and Premium Pro SC Sage members.

After a non refundable $150 start up fee, and only if a transaction closes, we charge a flat fee of $2,350 plus 3.0% of the purchase price.

All transactions are securely managed through is the highly trusted third party transaction manager used by eBay Motors. fees are included in 2nd Hammer’s fees – there is no extra charge for this service.

2nd Hammer will arrange for the exchange of vehicle due diligence documentation but does not manage pre purchase due diligence. Pre purchase management may be assigned by the buyer to a third party of their choice. 2nd Hammer will pay the appointed representative 0.5% of the purchase price if the transaction closes as compensation for their service. Alternatively, the buyer may retain the 0.25% as a discount to their fee.

What's Included

The 2nd Hammer transaction service includes one or more of the following. It may not include all of the following.

  • Owner identification
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Purchase contract development (optional)
  • Third party representative payment (optional)
  • fulfillment management

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