Market Inventory Value Snapshot Chart

What is it for?
  • Assess the market inventory by miles, price or $/mile.
  • Understand where inventory fits into the current market.
  • Justify the price value of a current offering.
  • Identify under valued examples for purchase.
How does it work?
  • Submit a VIN to pull an instant 12 month matching chart.
  • Use the step through app to pull a chart by a spec.
  • Select a 3, 6, 12 or 24 month timeline when using the app.
  • Hover over data points to view vehicle specific data.

Understand the landscape of the current market inventory for over 150 supercar models in the SC Sage database. Vector mileage, price or $/mile to identify where any vehicle fits into the current market. This unique and proprietary chart uses vehicles which can be immediately located in the Market Inventory app and individually viewed in the Vehicle Page app. There is no other chart from any source which can provide this data made current daily. This chart is a must have tool for collectors, traders, buyers, sellers, media and enthusiasts to understand market values.

View Sample Market Inventory Charts

Ferrari Chart Example

Lamborghini Chart Example

McLaren Chart Example

Porsche Chart Example

How To Apply This Chart
  • Visualize the current market inventory distribution by price, mileage or dollars per mile toggle.
  • Understand where a vehicle fits in the current market inventory by estimated price or current mileage.
  • Identify over and under priced vehicles by identifying price or mileage outliers represented by spikes and dips in the trend line.
  • View every vehicle in the chart by clicking the link to the Market Inventory App.
  • Share chart links to demonstrate where vehicles fit into the market by price and mileage.
  • Use the chart link to insert the chart into an iframe.
  • View a video on using this chart.

This application or chart is only available to SC Sage subscribers with the required service level.

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