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SC Sage extends market analytics far beyond the basics provided by common sources such as Kelley Blue Book™ and Hagerty™. We maintain the world’s largest database of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche vehicles. With 90,000+ tracked VINs and 2.5+ million VIN specific images. Our market and historical reference data is both indispensable and essential for collectors, traders, buyers, sellers, media and enthusiasts worldwide. There is no comparable compendium.

We are noted as the world’s only independent source for Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche real market values, market data and analytics, analytical charts and vehicle histories. We are not an auto dealer. We don’t finance cars. We don’t sell insurance. We simply apply effective statistical modeling and advanced data analysis techniques to generate accurate market price insights and meaningful patterns and trends around vehicle pricing. As a result we are a trusted source within the auto dealer, finance, and insurance industries.

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Small Footprint Media

Our parent company amalgamates and multi-purposes data and applications in support of high value vehicle markets. Under one umbrella we support internal and external services utilizing highly specialized capabilities.

Small Footprint Media Also Operates

2nd Hammer

2nd Hammer is a highly specialized, susbcriber only, transaction service. Open to any marque (not just the SC Sage database), 2nd Hammer uses our incredible data mining technology to find a target vehicle – then we contact the owner and negotiate the transaction. After a low start up fee we only collect a buyer commission if a transaction closes. The money and title transaction can be processed through

Worlds Collections

A by invitation or application private trading platform for SC Sage susbcribers, Worlds Collections is the most exclusive collection repository and private trading platform in the world. This exclusive collection repository features the current and past vehicles held in 300+ and growing private collections. Highly secure and private, collections are anonymous and all purchase inquires are conducted by SC Sage using the same transaction methods employed for 2nd hammer service, including optional service. The database includes thousands of vehicles spanning nearly a century of production.

Over Under Drive

The digital media channel of SC Sage, used to publish content related to SC Sage core market data and analytics. OUD features programming using content automation, text to speech and AI, as well as live host.

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