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Market Value App

What is it for?
  • Pull a real-time snapshot for any vehicle specification including Body + Year + Exterior Color + Interior Color.
  • Gain a higher understanding of the market drilled down.
  • Includes body and year inventory counts and average and median price and mileage for the specification.
How does it work?
  • Step through the app confirming your selections.
  • Select any level to view ranging from model body down to exterior and interior color combination.
  • View the exact vehicles making up the analysis for a selected specification in the Market Inventory App.

The Market Value App is for Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Pro members. It is a PRO version of the Market Check App and provides a more comprehensive deep dive into vehicle specifications. In order to provide a wider perspective data returned is for both body and year level selections matching the specification (e.g. exterior color). There is no other source in the world that allows you to select a build specification and then to view matching real world market stats.

Market Value App Video Short

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