SuperCar Sage

API Overview



We authenticate using a simple API key token and password secret.

Only we can generate and provide an API token and secret. A user can only have a single valid API token and secret per account.


We generally do not allow for the saving or caching of Processed Data responses, except for Chart Links, which provisions may change from time to time, with or without notice:

We allow caching of Chart Link responses for a period of up to 24 hours from the response header ‘Date’. At the expiration of the 24 hour period the Chart Link must be deleted from the client side server and a new API request made.

Because we update our data daily, cached Processed Data is stale within 24 hours. Therefore, we delete Chart Links from the server after 24 hours from the response header ‘Date’. As result cached Chart Links should be deleted and replaced prior to the expiration of the 24 hours period.


Rate limits are set by your subscribed plan. Check our plans for current limits. If you run over the rate limit for your plan then you’ll get an error response from the API


The VIN is an important parameter for many of our API endpoints as the VIN is used define the specification for the Processed Data and Chart Links. If a VIN is supported by SC Sage, and it is not present in our database at the time of an API request, we will add the VIN to the database at no charge. If a VIN is not supported by SC Sage or is not a valid VIN, the VIN will be rejected, which may result in charges.

For this reason, we do not charge for pre checking a VIN. Submitting a VIN check request allows for a VIN to be confirmed as in the database, or to be added to the database, or to fail as either invalid or not supported. If a VIN fails it should not be used in any other API endpoint requests as this will result in an error which may incur charges.


We currently support the following endpoints which match our apps and charts.