Vehicle Page App

What is it for?
  • View a specific vehicle’s data from the SC Sage database using an SC Sage VID or NHTSA VIN.
  • View build data and market analytics, market histories, image assets and Experian Autocheck reports.
  • This app is available to all registered members.
How does it work?
  • Log in to SC Sage and submit a 6 digit SC Sage VID or a 17 digit NHTSA VIN.
  • The Vehicle Page app contains all data available on individual vehicles in the database – viewable data varies by membership level.
  • Your email address defines your membership level view. If no email address is entered only default content is displayed when you access the Vehicle Page app.

Using a 17 digit NHTSA VIN members can search the database for specific vehicles and view our database content. Varying by member level, content includes build data and colors, historical market info, current market comps and values, vehicle images and on demand Autocheck reports.

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