Vehicle Price Comparison Timeline Chart

What is it for?
  • The Vehicle Comparison Timeline compares average and median market price and average and median market mileage, for two different vehicle specifications of any marque. Compare different model years, transmission types, models and marques. View at the Body level.
  • Only vehicles with prices are included in SC Sage charts.
  • Select a timeline period from 90 days up to two years.
How does it work?
  • Step through the app confirming your selection.
  • Selections at each step are dependent upon the selections made at previous steps.
  • Hover over data points to view the average market price adn mileage at the selected date. Data variables are displayed for each of vehicle selected for the comparison (Vehicle 1 and Vehicle 2).

For over 150 supercar models in the SC Sage database compare two different vehicle specification’s price and mileage trends down to the model Year and Transmission. The ultimate way to understand both how different vehicles have trended over time. This chart is the only one of its type available from any source anywhere in the world. Built for active professionals and serious buyers and sellers, this chart is available to Premium Plus and Premium Pro members. The source data is updated daily and the source drilled down market stats can be viewed by qualified members in the Market Value App.

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