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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Become a Member of SC Sage?

Registered members of SC Sage have access to unique and unparalleled data and content not available from any other source. In addition SC Sage members have access to unique add on services not replicated by any other source. Focused on the four predominant exotic car marques – Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche – SC Sage offers its members unique access to vehicle histories, market value stats, vehicle marketing platforms, and unique transaction services.

Who Should Be a Member of SC Sage?

Enthusiasts, Influencers, Market Experts, Bloggers, and Journalists

From build counts to market values users access our data to increase their understanding of vehicles they own, models under consideration for purchase or marques to be covered in the media. Use of our data and analytics in forums, social media and other media is not prohibited but attribution is required under our Terms of Use.

Private Buyers and Sellers

We level the playing field for consumers without breaking the bank, saving market transactors the dozens of hours it would take to gain even a fraction of an understanding of the market for a specific model, year, transmission and color combination. The money saved using SC Sage can only be measured by the utility cost of not using SC Sage. For private buyers and sellers having access to our vehicle locator and 2nd Hammer services is something never before offered directly to consumers – we are your rolodex.

Valuation Estimators

Professional valuation estimators requiring proof of market values use SC Sage to establish real market numbers. SC Sage allows screen grabs which can be forwarded to insurers and market transactors as part of the valuation package.

Collectors and Live Auction Participants

Getting access to private transactions for vehicles before they are ever publicly offered is exactly what our vehicles locator and 2nd hammer services and the exclusive Worlds Collections platform are all about. We are every broker, dealer and auction house in a single source – at a much lower cost. In addition, auction participants understand that lot estimates are notoriously incorrect and often inflated over true market values. SC Sage provides real market price checking to guide smart money bidders. Auction houses also use SC Sage to try to set realistic opening bid requests as well as to set seller expectations prior to contracting.

Brokers and Traders

If we can’t locate a custom order vehicle nobody can. You provide the VIN and pay a nominal fee and we go to work – and if we can’t locate the target you get 100%  of your money back. And there is no value comparison for the vehicle marketing and store brand exposure provided by Hammer World. Bang for the buck there is no alternative. Finally, when operating on razor thin commissions you need to know at all times where the market is and where it is going. SC Sage is the only resource for daily updated market values and direction.

Franchise and Independent Dealers

Although dealers typically have access to more resources than most, dealers do not have access to the depth or scope of information available through SC Sage, other than through SC Sage. Smart dealers realize that having every market edge is necessary when marketing and transacting in high value vehicles – where the money is won or lost in 30 to 45 day cash cycles. Taking trades requires real daily data, and consignments that are not correctly priced make the showroom floor look weak. Add to our unique data service, Hammer World – and extremely high exposure low cost marketing vehicle and 2nd Hammer – which lets you take and fill custom orders – there is no excuse to no be a member of SC Sage.

What are the Membership Levels and Pricing?

Our pricing varies by the scope of the data, analytics and other content being provided and the add on services you can access. We are continuously expanding the services offered at each membership level without increasing cost. We do not limit access to vehicles by membership levels, all users have access at their membership level, to every vehicle in our database. Higher membership levels have greater access to data, content and add on services.See our current service level and pricing.

How Do I Upgrade/Downgrade My Membership Level

You never have to cancel your membership with SC Sage. When you need to access services you can upgrade your membership to the desired level. Then when you no longer need a particular service level you can simply downgrade your membership to Free Basic. When you downgrade to Free Basic your purchased access continues to the end of your most recent billing cycle. Then when the cycle expires all billing stops and your membership level is downgraded.

If you cancel your membership instead of downgrading to Free Basic your access to paid services will end immediately end and you will not be issued a refund. If you cancel payment through your payment processor (eg. Paypal) instead of through SC Sage your access to paid services will end immediately end and you will not be issued a refund.

If you would like to change your membership level follow these simple instructions. These instructions apply if you upgrading or downgrading your membership level.

  1. Log in to your membership account.
  2. From your Membership Account, click the link to “Change”.
  3. The following screen will show you an overview of our available membership levels with links to upgrade or downgrade.
  4. After you select a new membership level, you will be directed to a checkout page in order to complete your membership subscription.
  5. Your previous subscription payment will be cancelled and a new subscription payment will be created.
  6. After successful payment (if the level is paid), you will immediately have access to additional membership level content and services. If you are downgrading you will lose access to previous membership level content when your billing cycle expires.
  7. Please note that membership level downgrades are not prorated. We do not issue refunds under any circumstances.


Do I have to be an SC Sage Member to Access Your Platforms and Services?

Your membership in SC Sage is your key to access all of the product platform and add on services we offer. All of our platforms and special technology solutions are tied to your membership level. For this reason if your membership level changes your experience using our platform changes. As we add new features and services they are defined by membership service level. For these reasons not all members can access all product or add on services. For current service level definitions see the membership level services chart.

How Do I Buy and Sell on Hammer World?

The Hammer World add on service is part of the SC Sage portfolio. There is no separate registration or membership fee to join the platform. Add on service fees may apply. Join SC Sage as a Premium (classified and auction listing), Premium Plus (classified and auction listing) or Premium Pro (classified and auction listing) member. Then go to the Hammer World registration page and complete the form. You must use your SC Sage email address when registering for Hammer World.

How Do I Access the Vehicle Locator Add On Service?

The Vehicle Locator add on service is part of the SC Sage portfolio. There is no separate registration or membership fee to join the platform. An add on service fee may apply. Join SC Sage as a Premium, Premium Plus or Premium Pro member. Then go to the Vehicle Locator services page and complete the form.

How Do I Access the 2nd Hammer Add On Service?

The 2nd Hammer transaction management service is part of the SC Sage portfolio. There is no separate registration or membership fee to use this service. An add on service fee may apply. Join SC Sage as a Premium Plus or Premium Pro member. Then go to the 2nd Hammer service page and complete the form.

How Do I Join Worlds Collections?

Worlds Collections is a by invitation or application only part of the SC Sage portfolio. Not all members will qualify to be added to Worlds Collections. There is no separate registration or membership fee to use this service. An add on service fee may apply. Join SC Sage as a Premium Plus or Premium Pro member. Then go to the Worlds Collections member application page and complete the form.


Proprietary Data and Solutions

We do not use third party data sources, analytics or software for most of our applications. We do use third parties for front end platform, data storage, network services, media publishing, Hammer World and some highly specialized processing. We are 100% self-developed and 100% self-contained. All of our data is owned by us.

Experian Autocheck

SC Sage has an agreement with Experian to provide AutoCheck reports, on vehicles in its database, at no additional charge to its members. Autocheck reports can be pulled by Premium Plus or Premium Pro members. Pulled reports are displayed for all other members but are not updated on demand. Pulling Autocheck reports is subject to a fair use limit of 10 reports per member per month except when used when listing on Hammer World in which case there is no fair use limit.

SC Sage has an agreement with, a highly trusted third party transaction manager, to process vehicle purchase transactions and fee payment processing. fees are included in SC Sage’s 2nd Hammer and Worlds Collections fees if is used at the option of the buyer.

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