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Market Check App

What is it for?
  • Pull a real-time fully updated market price snapshot for any Marque + Model + Submodel + Body specification.
  • Gain an understanding of today’s market down to the body specification through a quick snapshot of key data.
  • Includes market inventory counts and average and median price and mileage for the selected specification.
How does it work?
  • Step through the app confirming your selection.
  • Use average market prices and counts at base levels to ‘drill up’ and calculate weighted averages at higher levels (e.g. Marque + Model). We recommend Rapid Tables
  • Enter the number of vehicles (weight) and the market average price (data value) for each base level component.

The Market Check App is for paid members. We are the world’s only fully automated amalgamator of daily updated market data that reflects the real market pricing where sellers will sell and buyers can buy. Because retail pricing and market inventory changes daily only SC Sage can provide the kind of data that can remove the risk in trading in highly priced vehicle assets using up to the moment market data.

Market Check App Video Short

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