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Hammer World

The Big Picture

Hammer World is a unique, membership based, vehicle and store brand marketing classified ad and online auction platform for buyers and sellers of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche worldwide. Global in nature and broad in application, seven different currencies are supported along with over 150 unique listing categories covering the highest end supercars. Listings are fully visible around the world.

We do not buy or sell cars on the platform, all listings are member direct. We don’t set auction prices, sellers do. Auction listing is free and there are no commissions, concessions or final value fees. Auction listings can be up to three months and classified ads can be good-till-cancelled. Social media distribution and Google SEO is included for free. Our listing marketing enhancement for collateral promotion through the Motorsport Network providing with access to 200k+ enthusiast buyers from around the globe is unparalleled.


No Listing Fees & Zero Commission

There are no listing fees for auctions or classifed ads on Hammer World. All that is required is SC Sage membership. There are no auction transaction commissions or fees on Hammer World.


Self Service

Listing is 100% self-service. Members have full control over their listings and are responsible for all content contained in their auctions. With access to the SC Sage database to support auction descriptive and pricing, buyers have can easily evaluate each vehicle and its relative market value.


100% Transparency

Hammer World is 100% transparent. As unlike any other online auction platform we don’t charge commission, we don’t try to hide buyers from seller. We encourage members to communicate about listed vehicles directly on or off line. Inquiry using our Text Direct system, or Twitter using our Proprietary Hashtag system, is free.

Membership Based

Hammer World is for members of SC Sage. And members of SC Sage at different levels have different privileges on Hammer World.

To register, log in and interact with Hammer World you must have an active membership at an authorized level.

Services and Fees

 Hammer World charges nominal fees for some of the services associated with the Hammer World platform.


  • Registration – Free – SC Sage membership required
  • Auction Listing Fee – $0 Free
  • Auction Bidding Fee – $0 Free
  • Auction Final Value Commission – $0 Free (0%)
  • Classified Ad Listing Fee – $0 Free
  • Wanted Ad Listing Fee – $0 Free
  • HTML Format Descriptions – $0 Free
  • Up to 10 Images – $0 Free
  • Youtube Video Insert – $0 Free
  • Autocheck Report – $0 Free w Premium Plus/Pro
  • Sale Promotional Badge – $5
  • Home Page Display Rotation – $50
  • Good Till Cancelled – $75
  • Text Direct SMS Lead Referral – $0 Free w Motorsport Network
  • Twitter #Hashtag Promotion – $0 Free
  • Motorsport Network Package – $100

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