Vehicle Page App

What is it for?
  • View subscription level database content and analytics.
  • Pull an Autocheck report on a vehicle.
How does it work?
  • Enter a 17 digit NHTSA VIN or 6 digit SC Sage VID.
  • Your subscription defines your content access level.
How To Apply This App
  • Assess the relative rarity of the build spec starting with the number of vehicles built for the North American market all the way down to the number built in the color combination. Build counts include by body type and transmission type (if applicable).
  • Learn the most recent market price of a vehicle recorded by SC Sage and the number of current comps on the market by body type and model year.
  • Compare the last price and mileage for a vehicle to the market average and median by body type and model year.
  • Review the available on the market history of a vehicle to understand where it has been sold, how it has been traded and how its asking price has changed over the time.
  • Review seller source notes that are historical descriptive statements.
  • Review recorded images for a vehicle from over time to see what if any changes have occurred in its make up or condition.
  • Pull an Autocheck report for the vehicle.
  • View a video on using this app.
  • Click to load the Valuation Kit app prepopulated for the VIN.
  • Click to load the Market Inventory app prepopulated for the VIN.

This application or chart is only available to SC Sage subscribers with the required service level.

To Access This Section Review the Subscription Level Comparison Chart