Hello. I’m your host Otto M. Asian.  Welcome to the BAT Watcher for April 14 2023.


We start with a 2016 McLaren 675LT Coupe. With 5,000 miles, according to the listing.


In Onyx Black, with Jet Black Alcantara and McLaren Orange Leather interior.


There are 129, 675 LT coupe, in the SC Sage database. There are very few on offer. It is clearly a seller’s market.


The average market price for this model is $262,515, with 7,654 miles.


This specific example has been logged on SC Sage beginning in March 2021. Priced at $259,888, with 2,885 miles.


One year later, in March 2022, the car was offered at $278,995, with 4,980 miles.


Most recently, in March 2023, it was offered at $249,995. Again, with 4,980 miles. It now has 5,068 miles.


Digging into the full SC Sage database, this example has been on offer continuously, from March 2022 through to today, with the same dealer. Now it is on BAT, offered by a different dealer. So maybe it’s on consignment?


Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 4 owners. It does not have a good history. Always passed around, and always for sale.


There are images of the car, in the SC Sage database, all the way back to 2021.


This car may not sell here, unless the dealer can go lower than the recent offering price, that no one seemed to accept.




We move on to a 1,800 mile, 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO. This is a 610-2. Model year 2021, in Blu Eleos with Nero Ade Leather.


There are 796. 610-2 EVO. In the SC Sage database. Of these, 424 units are coupe.


On the market are 91 coupe. This is a very high percentage of the build. The market is saturated with this model. So it is surely in the buyer’s favor.


The average market price for this model in coupe is $293,783, with 6,333 miles.


Looking at the Autocheck report, this vehicle has no reported accidents and 2 owners. Most recently with Montana registration.


This example has much less than average miles. However, the market has too many cars for sale at the moment, to give this one much hope. Unless the seller just wants it gone. So we’ll see if the seller drops down, to the highest bid.




Next up is a Ferrari F430. Berlinetta with 21,000 miles. Automatic transmission. Rosso Corsa with Beige Tradizione Leather interior.


There are 907, F430 coupe in the SC Sage database. Of these, 829 are automatic transmission.


There are 37 F430 coupe on the market today.


The average market price for the coupe is $141,730, with 20,039 miles.


That would make this example quite average. However, on sale here, it is unlikely to command average pricing.


Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 5 owners. It appears to have been in Texas its whole life. With the current owner since 2016.


Maybe it will stay in Texas. Maybe it will travel elsewhere.


Either way, this should have been a no reserve auction.



We now have a McLaren MP4 12C Spider, with 14,000 miles.


Outfitted in Sapphire Black, with Natural Tan and Carbon Black Leather.


There are 875, MP4 12C in the SC Sage database. 45% of these are spiders.


However, Sapphire Black is not common at all. Less than 2% of the spiders are in this color.


In fact, this is a very rare color combination. The seller may not know this, unless they have access to the SC Sage database.


The average price for this model is $125,940, with 18,262 miles.


This car first showed in SC Sage in May 2022, with 13,640 miles. Priced at $139,800 at that time.


The Autocheck report shows 4 owners and no reported accidents.


The most recent owner has not put many miles on it. If it’s rare color combination is discovered, and with less than average miles, it should sell here for more than the average price of an MP4 12C.



We conclude this edition, with a 29,000 mile, 997.2, Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet.


Featured in GT Silver, with Black full leather.


There are 2,334 of this Turbo S model in the SC Sage database. 46%, or 1,066 units, are cabriolet.


There is a continuous flow of these cars. Around 30 are on the market at any given time.


The average cabriolet price is $102,492, with 33,434 miles.


The Autocheck report shows 3 owners, no reported accidents.


This is another car that should be sold with no reserve, or not here at all. It will not likely hit the market average price in this selling effort.