Hello. I’m Otto M. Asian. Welcome to the Weekly BAT Watcher Full Episode for June 24, 2023.

On offer is a 2016 Porsche 991.1, GT3 RS, Coupe. In Ultraviolet paint, with Black Leather and GT Silver Alcantara. Listed with 18,000 miles.

There are 1,530 of this model in the SC Sage database. With 58 units on the market today.

The average market price for this model is $208,443, with 12,977 miles.

This specific example was first logged on SC Sage in July 2019. Priced at $179,995, with 7,310 miles.

It reappeared several times. Dropping to a low of $149,995, over a one year period.

Then in September 2020, it was listed by Chicago Motors with 11,771 miles, asking $169,800.

Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 3 owners.

There are images of the car, in the SC Sage database, all the way back to 2021.

The car is modified. 19% of this model were delivered in Ultraviolet.

As a result, it may not sell here if a low price cannot be accepted

Next offer is a Paint to Sample, Pantone Blue, 2018 Porsche GT3. Touring model, Silver livery, with manual transmission. With 17,000 miles.

There are 3,225, 991.2 GT3 in the SC Sage database. Of these, 216 are touring package with Silver livery. Of these, 45 are Paint to Sample in Non Metallic.

On the market are very few of this model in Touring, with Silver livery.

The average market price for this model, in this livery, is $222,485, with 7,812 miles.

Looking at the Autocheck report, this vehicle has a sizable 7 owners.

According to SC Sage records, this example has been on offer almost continuously since September 2021. At that time, it had 15,683 miles and was offered at $225,911.

By February 2023, the selling dealer was asking $212,991, with 16,438 miles.

Now a few months later it is here on Bring a Trailer. The vehicle’s only real advantage is Paint to Sample, as mileage and ownership numbers are high.

The selling dealer will probably not get anything more than the February 2023 offer price. Probably less.

But maybe that will be enough for them to let it go.

We have a 2016 Ferrari 4 88. Berlinetta with 2,600 miles. Grigio Ferro, with Iroko Leather interior.

There are 1,242 488, GTB, in the SC Sage database.

The average market price for the coupe is $268,581, with 11,173 miles.

There are a very large percentage of the build on the market, there is currently a 110 unit market inventory count.

Looking at the Autocheck report, this vehicle has had 4 owners, and no reported accidents.

In the SC Sage database we can find the car offered in February 2022, at $299,995 with 1,267 miles. Then again in February 2023, at $289,500, with 2,495 miles.

These were offers by private sellers. In this auction the offer is from a dealer.

There are quite a few 488, GTB, on the market. This one has relatively low miles. But that may not be enough for it to achieve the most recent offering price in February 2023. If the selling dealer took it in at anything close to that number, it probably will not sell here.

Offered up is a 1,200 mile, 2019, Ferrari 4 88, Pista Coupe.

Outfitted in Grigio Silverstone Opaco, with Blu Scuro Alcantara.

There are 424 Pista coupe in the SC Sage database. Only 3 are this color, and only 1 is of this exact color combination.

The seller may not know this fact, unless they have access to the SC Sage database.

The average price for this model is $558,280, with 4,018 miles. There are 43 comps on the market today.

This car first showed in the SC Sage database in September 2022, with 901 miles. Priced at $599,900, at that time.

The Autocheck report shows 2 previous owners.

This car is lower than average miles and a super rare color combination. But with 43 other examples on the market, prices are challenged. For the right buyer it might make past average market pricing.

On offer is a 15,000 mile, 2008 Ferrari F 430 Scuderia. Coupe.

Featured in Grigio Titanio, with Nero Tessuto and Nero Leather.

There are 339 Scuderia in the SC Sage database. 245 of these are coupe.

There are 22 coupe in the current market inventory.

The average coupe price is $306,130, with 13,582 miles.

The Autocheck report shows 4 owners, and a reported buyback. This was a lemon law, manufacturer buyback, of the vehicle. There are no reported accidents.

The car is seen in the SC Sage database in May 2021, at $189,900, with 14,727 miles. Subsequently, the car was on offer from December 2022 through March 2023, by J A Auto Sales in Bellevue Washington. Priced at $240,000.

While the buyback is an unexplained stain, it is old news by now. However, this one will probably not get anywhere close to the market average price. And not back to the $240,000 it was asking.