Hello. I’m your host Otto M. Asian.  Welcome to the BAT Watcher for June 3, 2023.

We start with a 2018 Porsche 991.2 GT3, with PDK Transmission. With 16,000 miles, according to the listing.

In White with Leather Alcantara Interior, Black Platinum Stitching.

According to the SC Sage database count, there are 3,225 of this model GT3, in the database. Of which 2,472 are base variants. And of these, 1,103 are PDK. A larger percentage, 1,368 units, are manual transmission.

The average market price for the base model in P D K, is $189,084, with 11,426 miles. This is according to the SC Sage market value app.

This specific example was last logged in March 2023, on offer by Isringhausen. They are likely the seller here as well.

Looking at the Autocheck report, this vehicle has no reported accidents and 2 owners.

This car should sell here. Around $170,000 could possibly be achieved, which is less than the original sticker price of $179,180.


We move on to a 2018 Porsche Turbo S, Cabriolet with 15,000 miles. Featured in Agate Grey Metallic, with Leather Interior in Graphite Blue and Chalk.

There are 3,217 of this model in the SC Sage database. Of these, 1,234 are cabriolet.

On the market are 41 cabriolet, with an average price of $172,349, with 17,709 miles.

This car was first logged by SC Sage in October 2020. Offered at $174,991, with 10,181 miles. It apparently sold, and the new owner proceeded to run it off the road.

Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has a reported accident and 2 owners. The reported accident was in November 2020. It states, the vehicle ran off the road and hit an embankment.

It came back on the market in May 2022, for $195,000, with 12,700 miles. Wishful thinking one presumes.

There are images of the car, in the SC Sage database, pre accident. From October 2020.

But, its hard to know from a distance how good the repair is from current photos.

It’s hard to imagine that this example will sell for anything close here to what a seller tried to achieve in May 2022, after the accident.

With repairs that are well done $130,000 is possible. Otherwise there are always plenty examples on the market for sale.


Next up is a Porsche 997.2 Turbo S Coupe, in Meteor Grey Metallic and Black full leather. In PDK transmission.

There are 32 comps on the market today. With an average price of $119,132, with 29,632 miles.

This example has 37,000 miles.

Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 4 owners.

This car was offered in June 2021 for $114,890, with 34,576 miles.

On BAT, there are more Porsches offered than any other supercar marque we cover. This is just another Porsche. Simply put, there is nothing more going on here than just trying to move the car.

A smart buyer should pick it up under $100,000. And the seller should let it go.


We conclude with a manual transmission, 2009, Porsche 997.1 Turbo. A cabriolet in Paint to Sample, Slate Grey, with Black full leather. It has 30,000 miles.

Digging into the SC Sage database, we find that there are only 36 Paint to sample Turbo cabriolet for this model. Drilling down into manual transmission, there are only 23.

One wonders, if the seller understands this fact.

There are 53 cabriolet comps on the market. And using the SC Sage market inventory app we discover that, of any transmission type, none of them are Paint to Sample.

The average price for the Turbo cabriolet is $85,969 with 35,600 miles.

This car first showed in SC Sage in November 2020, with 21,859 miles. Priced at $99,995, at that time.

The Autocheck report shows 3 owners and no reported accidents.

Although it is a cabriolet and not coupe, the color and transmission combination are rare enough to command excess value. With less than average miles, this car should not be sold for less than $100,000.