Hello. I’m your host Otto M. Asian.  Welcome to the BAT Watcher for May 26 2023.


We start with a 2004 Ferrari  575M, Maranello Coupe. With 2,600 miles, according to the listing.


In Grigio Titanio, with Nero Leather interior. Manual Transmission.


There are 191, 575M, in the SC Sage database. Only 22 are manual transmission.


The average market price for this model is $137,620, with 14,437 miles.


This specific example has been logged on SC Sage beginning in December 2021. Priced at $495,000, with 2,490 miles. It is clear that the manual transmission is a considerable difference maker in price.


Looking at the Autocheck report, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 5 owners. None of whom drove it much.


Looking at the image suite of the car from January 2022 in the SC Sage database, shows little change from today. Again, it has not driven.


Its collectability, low miles, manual transmission, prime condition with tools and papers, should be the driver in this auction. But it probably will not clear the $495,000 it once tried to command.




We move on to a 2020 McLaren GT. With 8,000 miles. In Flux Silver with Jet Black Leather.


There are 713 GT in the SC Sage database. Of these, an overwhelming number, 194 units, are available for purchase.


This is a very high percentage of the build. The market is saturated with this model. It is clearly a  buyers market.


The average market price for this model is $182,310, with 4,244 miles.


This example has higher miles than average, and should be priced accordingly.


Looking at the Autocheck report, this vehicle has no reported accidents and 1 owner. Its original purchase was in November 2019.


This example has been on offer by McLaren Philadelphia, continuously, since March 2021. Now it is offered from some other dealer here.


In Philadelphia the price dropped from $267,685 with 3,802 miles in March 2021. To $199,990 with the same mileage, in July 2021. A quick precipitous fall. But still no sale, it would appear.




With no reserve it will sell here. But for maybe no more than $170,000.




Next up is a Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe, with manual transmission. A 2008 model in Basalt Black with Black full leather. It has 27,000 miles.


There are 7,633, 997.1 Turbo in the SC Sage database. Of these 5,166 are coupe. And of those 3,343 are manual transmission. Manual transmission is not so rare in this model.


There are 77 units of coupe on the market today.


The average market price for the coupe is $101,141, with 41,258 miles.


Using the SC Sage market value app, we can see that average market price and mileage for the manual coupe is higher than the overall average, which includes PDK. The manual average is $117,431, with 40,865 miles.


Looking at the free Autocheck report in SC Sage, the vehicle has no reported accidents and 4 owners. Most recently offered for sale by an auto broker.


The SC Sage database shows the car as far back as 2018. Offered for $96,980, with 25,399 miles.


Perhaps it has held value since then. Maybe a slight appreciation.


It should move closer to the $96,000, asked for in 2018, than today’s manual transmission average market price of $117,000.



We now have a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador, LP 700-4 Coupe.


Listed with 6,000 miles.


Outfitted in Arancio Argos, with Arancio Dryope and Nero Ade Leather.


There are 906 LP 700-4 in the SC Sage database. Of these 485 are coupe.


However, Arancio Argos is not common.


The average price for this model is $317,677, with 15,875 miles. However, the 2012 model year averages less at $275,799.


This car has been offered since February 2023, at $305,000. With no buyers. The market is soft, with 42 coupe currently on offer.


The Autocheck report shows 1 owner.


For its color it may demand a higher than average price. The selling dealer would like to see it go.

Miles are good, so maybe around $290,000 could get it done. Anything more could have already been done, so why pay more here?




We conclude this edition, with a 12,000 mile, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.


Featured in Grigio Silverstone, with Rosso Ferrari Leather.


There are 326 of this model in the SC Sage database.


Looking at the Market Value app in SC Sage, there are 24 units on offer today, at an average price of $251,592.


There is a quite wide price range. From a low of $169,995. To a high of $361,000.


The average mileage for this model is 13,783 miles.


Using the SC Sage Market Inventory app, we can quickly identify, and take a closer look at the high and low priced offers.


The low priced offer has 31,975 miles. Actually, quite high mileage for this model of Ferrari.


The high priced offer has only 182 miles. It is a car hoping to be a collector example some day.


This car was recently offered by the Toy Barn for $202,990. It did not sell.


So here it is on BAT.


We will see if someone pays more on BAT, than the recent offer at $202,000.


Surprisingly, we see this happen more often than one might believe.


A bidder paying more on BAT, than they could have purchased the vehicle for in the market, just prior to it coming to auction.


More likely it sells for less on BAT than the $202,000 recent offer in the market.