SC Sage

SC Sage API Service Overview


SC Sage is the only source dedicated to providing API’s for real market analytics exclusively for Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche, for North America.

We collect raw pricing, mileage and other data which is used to derive market statistics. These market statistics are in turn used to build analytical apps and charts. We call market statistics and the derived analytics “Processed Data”.

Through the SC Sage subscriber platform we offer a series of applications and charts which display Processed Data. To serve these applications we rely upon an internal API. Using this same API we provide third parties external access to the most our Processed Data. We do not provide API access to raw data.

Subscribers to our API Service can access Processed Data under contracted plans and pricing. Pricing varies by the Processed Data requried and the volume of access needed.  See API Pricing.

To open an API account you must agree to our API Terms of Service which defines the terms and condition under which we license use of our Processed Data. Custom licensing arrangements may also be available.

To sign up for our API you must contact us to request an API account.

For API questions and support, please send an email to: API Support –

Note: Please include api link and request headers in your mail, to help us resolve the problem quickly.


To get started we can provide a free limited test account for the development of applications utilizing the API. Once you are ready for commercial application you can upgrade your account to increase your endpoint access and rate limits under our then current plans and prices.

Most of our API endpoints work by interpreting a submitted VIN. If the VIN is valid and is for a marque and model in our database, we will return a response consisting of the values for that endpoint.

A VIN does not have to be in the database to be used for the request. If supported, we will create a new database entry for the VIN on-the-fly.

We do have rate limits which vary by the API Pricing Plan selected.

Our raw data is refreshed every 24 hours which allows Processed Data to be updated with new values by approximately 12pm Pacific Standard Time each day.

With limited exceptions Processed data cannot be saved or cached. It can be published as-is or repackaged and published. Full documentation of our current API including caching restrictions is available on our  API Documentation page.


The following API endpoints whcih parallel SC Sage apps and charts are currently available: