Core Mileage Value App

What is it for?
  • This app statistically isolates the market price for a vehicle purely based upon the actual miles.
  • Isolating the value exclusively based on miles provides a core market value which can them be modified as a function of qualitative and other factors.
How does it work?
  • Submit a 17 digit NHTSA VIN and the actual vehicle mileage value – do not enter a theoretical mileage.
  • The app analyzes the current market inventory to isolate and extract a mileage only based price, and the impact of miles on price, for the VIN and the mileage submitted.
What Does It Produce?
  • An extracted value estimate for the VIN based solely on mileage using the current market inventory.
  • The percentage of the VIN’s value that can be explained solely by mileage.
  • A link to the Valuation Kit app prepopulated for the VIN.

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