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The Big Picture

Worlds Collections is a membership based private collection repository and trading platform for collectors and traders worldwide. Most collectors do not know what other collectors own or may have on offer. Worlds Collections provides members access to a repository that contains data on collections that can be searched and viewed – including a vehicle’s current ownership status. What is not disclosed are owner identities nor vehicle chassis numbers.

The concept behind Worlds Collections is to allow collectors and traders to document the vehicles they own or have owned in a private, anonymous, repository. Members can add vehicles to, and edit vehicles in, their collections and view the vehicles in other member’s collections. Vehicles of interest located in a collection can be referred to SC Sage for a purchase inquiry.

Membership in Worlds Collections is by invitation or application only. Brokers and dealers are not eligible for membership, but they may claim their clients already in Worlds Collections or add their clients in order to claim their affiliation.

A minimum of five qualifying vehicles is required to be approved for Worlds Collections. SC Sage uses its data resources to verify current or past ownership and/or ownership verification may be required. Not all vehicles qualify for initial inclusion. Vehicles in the SC Sage database automatically qualify.

Similar to 2nd Hammer, and only if a transaction closes, we charge a flat fee of 3.0% of the purchase price, split 50/50 between the buyer and seller,  to negotiate and arrange the transactions.

Transactions may be optionally securely managed through is the highly trusted third party transaction manager used by eBay Motors. fees are included in SC Sage’s fee. There is an additional charge for this service.

SC Sage will arrange for the exchange of vehicle due diligence documentation but does not manage pre purchase physical due diligence or post purchase logistics.

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