SC Sage

Banner Ads on SC Sage and Hammer World


SC Sage and Hammer World Banner Ads

  • Qualification
    • Any bona fide commercial enterprise which is an active Premium Pro member qualifies to have one banner ad in rotation on each of SuperCar Sage and Hammer World websites.
    • There is no extra charge to run banner ads.
    • Enterprises which are primarily automobile dealers do not qualify at this time.
    • Contact us to submit banner ads.
  • Exposure
    • Banner ads are visible to all users including logged in users. The SC Sage website alone receives over 1,500 unique hits per day on average according to Google Search Console stats.
    • Banners ads are linked to the members website.
    • Banners ads are rotated equally among the active banners.
    • Banners are located on the top and bottom of the home, browse and search results pages.

SC Sage Banner Ads

  • Rotation
    • Top banners rotate every 15 seconds.
    • Bottom banners rotate every 10 seconds.
  • Size
    • Banners are 720×90 pixels (standard leaderboard).
    • The top banner is reduced by 35% automatically



Hammer World Banner Ads

  • Rotation
    • Higher display categories display on all of their sub categories except when blocked by sub category specific banners.
    • Sub category specific banners block the display of higher category banners including on all of their sub categories (e.g. a banner set on the category ‘Ferrari’ will not display on the sub category ‘488’ or any sub category of ‘488’ e.g. ‘Pista’ if ‘488’ has at least one active category specific banner).
    • See the Hammer World categories list.
  • Size
      • Banners are 300×30 pixels.
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